Embedding sustainability to enhance your triple-bottom-line

Environmental stewardship is no longer an option. Organizations are being held accountable for their environmental and social performance by their customers, employees, suppliers, the general public, and investors. Furthermore, governments at all levels are increasingly putting in place regulation that commands improved environmental stewardship in areas such as waste, energy, land use, and pollution.

That said, many organizations are still using the same approaches that contributed to us reaching this critical juncture in the first place. First attempts at sustainability often ended in failure: increased costs, limited if any significant improvements, and loss of credibility. Typically, these initial forays could be characterized as ‘bolt on’ solutions, mounted on the periphery of core business operations.

Evergreen takes a fundamentally different approach, helping our clients design, implement, and embed environmental stewardship programs into their DNA. Our solutions consistently deliver sustainable results across the triple bottom line: significantly improved environmental performance; reduced operating costs; and an enhanced reputation as a socially responsible organization.