how we do it

Einstein's three rules of work: out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity ~ John A. Wheeler

We have worked with governments, businesses, post-secondary institutions, public venues, and sports teams throughout North America to embed Waste Reduction and Sustainable Resource Management into their operations. We are acutely aware that sustainability (in and of itself) is not the raison d’être of most organizations, and so we remain mindful to ensure that:

    • Programs do not add ‘more things’ to do in a day, but subtly shift and embed sustainability into the ‘core things’ of day-to--day operations
    • Decisions need to be made from the broader financial, organizational, AND sustainable development perspectives
    • We place a high-priority on gaining buy-in and commitment from all key stakeholders to ensure a self-sustaining and evolving program

In simplest terms, our method accounts for and integrates the two domains fundamental to all organizations: 1) understanding end-to-end processes, behaviours, resource flows, and economics; and 2) recognizing the critical role that people, and the technology they interact with, play in any sustainable solution. To ensure predictable and meaningful results, we assure quality by weaving pragmatism, rigor, and systems-thinking into a three-phased approach.

    1. Strategy Development: Combines technical analysis and stakeholder engagement to produce a compelling, fully costed, clear, and staged plan.
    2. Design Planning: Defines initiatives, accountabilities, technical requirements, procurement specifications, budgets, and KPIs to assure success.
    3. Program Activation: Builds internal ability to sustain programming with training, tools, implementation , monitoring, and optimization support.

With over a decade of delivering high performing programs, we have the capabilities and experience to help you get it right the first time!