Well begun is half done ~ Mary Poppins

At this stage, our clients have a clear direction on what needs to be done, and buy-in from the key actors to get it done (hence our homage to Mary Poppins, one of the greatest management consultants of all time)!

Done right, sustainability programming typically does not require a new position, additional third-party services, or ‘more things to do’ - rather, it realigns ‘how’ things are done, subtly shifting, adjusting, and aligning the day-to-day actions of each value-chain stakeholder. This has the effect of cumulatively producing a greater positive impact than any one stakeholder or 'bolt on' solution could achieve on its own. This initiates a virtuous cycle in which the achievement of real results drives increasing stakeholder engagement. Thus, the focus of this work phase is to build our client’s internal organizational capacity to sustain and enhance their program(s).

Like Mary Poppins, Evergreen is committed to helping clients get started but we’re not looking for a long-term relationship. We truly believe that, done right the first time, clients should not have need for additional or ongoing services. We achieve a graceful exit by ensuring we embed the know how (skills, tools, and techniques) into their standard operations so that sustainability becomes just a part of how they do business.